What We’re Looking For in a Franchisee!

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There must be a certain level of trust between a franchise and a franchisee, don’t you agree? You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your business’s good name, would you?

According to an article in Entrepreneur, “to make the grade you must determine the right criteria first in order to select the best people. Good people skills and being financially qualified are among some franchises’ list of requirements.” The article interviewed Don Slifer, Vice President of market development for Merry Maids “admitting that previous experience in management or business certainly helps; however, he strongly believes it's all in the attitude.  ‘We're not looking [so much] for somebody with a certain net worth or a certain background as we are for someone who really wants to jump in and get directly involved in developing a business,” says Slifer.”

At Delights, we look for these core values and personality traits when it comes to owning one of our franchises, including:

  • Willingness to follow a system
  • Passion and enthusiasm for small business
  • Focus on a human connection 
  • Outgoing 
  • Team leaders who are willing to recruit, train, mentor, and motivate a team
  • Go-getter attitude; will make anything happen

Without your success, as a franchisee, we won’t be successful either. You represent what Delights stands for – Quality, Service and Caring. We focus on quality and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer no hassle residential and commercial Christmas light installation service in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We’ll support you in your community!

Cheap Franchises to Start in Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you’re still wondering what it takes to succeed in your business, contact Steve Mussio. He’ll be happy to discuss with you further on how to make your franchise thrive. At Delights, we’re small enough for you to have the owner’s cell number — he will coach you every step of the way! (734) 417-2212

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